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Bands of Cypher
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Bands of Cypher Story


Bands of Cypher - The Story (see video)
The story of Yumi (aka Yuminexaria Icarus) is based on the notion that these ancient mystical creatures visited the planet of Earth thousands of years ago. They came, not necessarily from outer space but from another dimension, another universe. The assumption is made that the Mayan Civilization was aware of their existence and had successfully found a way to contact these beings via the Mayan Portal which we commonly refer to as today's Mayan Calendar.

Ancient There are Legends that these creatures showed the Mayan Civilization how to harvest a source of unlimited power the "Nether Energy" by the use of a crystalline compound called the "Stone of Icarus". References of the Stone of Icarus were also seen in some other ancient civilizations where they were referred to as the "Seed of Life". The Mayans used this power to build vast empires and seek eternal life however it was a source of power that they could not harness effectively, it was a power that they could not control. Misuse of such great energy source would lead to yet another big bang and possibly upset the balance of the universe. Under such circumstances, these ancient beings deemed that the humans were not ready for a power of this kind. In order to preserve the universe from utter destruction, the Yumi disassembled the stone of Icarus into four pieces and hid them in different universes. They hereby concurred upon a decision to sever the ties with the Mayans. Before returning to their dimension, some of the Yumi, called "Keepers" left a roadmap behind for advanced human civilizations to find the stone of Icarus yet again and hopefully use it for the right reasons.

Without the stone of Icarus and unlimited power at their disposal, the Mayans turned on each other and in a desperate attempt to recover the stone, the Mayans leaders opened the portal of Maya permanently and sent hundreds and thousands of their civilian subjects into a one way quest to recover the missing pieces. . Eventually the portal engulfed everything and the entire civilization vanished into thin air. The portal sealed with time and with it the secret.

The realization that the Mayan calendar was actually the design of a portal came to a young astrophysicist from Cape Comorin in 1969 A.D. who used the balance and counterbalance of the basic elements of life to rebuild this portal in a crude form and re-established contact with the creatures. She called them "Yumi". She found these creatures to be extremely beautiful, colorful and friendly. After her encounter with these ancient aliens, she postulated that their world and our world was at the verge of an E.L.E. , an extinction level event due to certain unknown causes. As she dug deeper, her encounter with the other world was quickly restricted.

A secret society known as the Gupta Vidya society, also known as the curators had recorded nether energy levels above the Indian ocean. They had been tracking it for years. It turned out that it wasn't just the Mayans who were looking for the stone of Icarus. The curators abducted this astrophysicist, confiscated her research and used it to pursue their search for this compound. They had literally left no stone unturned in this unending search. The over-usage of advanced Drones with pulsing microscopic mining lasers that penetrated through the mantle and into the core for precious elements, destabilized the basic building blocks of the planet. The tremors of which ricochet into the other worlds like a domino effect.

Even though these mining-operations were decommissioned by the government, these drone sales remained quite active in the black market, where they continued to be in operation. The curators controlled and ran the world up until the War of the Factions in 2028 AD, also referred to as the Dark Revolution which resulted in worldwide disbandment of Governments. News of the nearing apocalyptic destruction spread fast. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Lightning super-storms, change of seasons, polarity shifts and hellish hurricanes ripped a hole through the fabric of creation.

Now we look towards these ancient beings to help us one more time.

Bands of Cypher Cape Comorin, 1969 A.D. (see video)
The story of Yumi began 61 years ago on a cold stormy night of 1969 A.D. in Cape Comorin. A young astrophysicist, Maya Sarcon, wife of Siddhartha Sarcon made a discovery that changed everything. She figured out a way to open a portal to another dimension and unlocked a passage to another world. A world within our own world. A world belonging in the Nether of the Cypher. She worked day and night for several years before she perfected the design of the original 'Bands of Cypher', a device capable of balancing the nether energies of our world with the hidden world. She realized that both worlds had one thing in common, the five basic elements of life: Fire, Water, Nature, Earth and Metal. She correlated the five elements to the bonds between the organic and inorganic components of life. She realized that if she countered the composition of the elements in a given area, she could induce a differential creating a siphon-like passage into another world.

Maya Sarcon's notes

One night her hard work paid off. She was successfully able to use her device, the Bands of Cypher, to create a portal through which came a creature so beautiful, so curious and so intelligent that she couldn't stop looking at him. She classified him as Yumenexaria Icarus (a winged creature that appeared from the great path of nexus of the five elements). In short, Yumi. Maya traveled through the portal into the world of Yumies and was amazed at the beautiful colors and wonderful aromas of that world. The world was more beautiful than she had ever imagined but had a sadness element to it.

Yumi on Maya's shoulder

She used her psychology and linguistics knowledge to interpret the elemental language of Yumies and soon realized that they were asking for help. Their world seemed to be collapsing due to an event of unknown origin. Classified as an E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) that could impact all dimensions and eventually ours. Panicked at this discovery, she frantically started investigating the cause. She presented the findings to her husband Siddhartha Sarcon (Sid) who was a genetic scientist. He took interest in their genetic traits and designed a habitat to give them refuge into our dimension. He also realized that some Yumies had amazing medical characteristics and must be saved. Sid published a report on this genetic findings and soon attracted a lot of attention.

While Maya was struggling to decode the event, that was causing the collapse of the dimensions, she required help from a select few sub-species of Yumies. These sub-species were the keepers of information in their dimension. Just as she was on the verge of discovering the cause of this event, they had to stop their experiments and investigations abruptly due to some unforeseen events (read more..Legend of Sarcon). A secret society of ancient Curators had intervened in order to protect this information from falling into the wrong hands. The Curators were aware of this secret and accompanied Maya and Sid to a secure location where they conducted isolated experiments for several years. As a result of some dangerous experimentation Maya and Sid's mental and physical health was affected leading to an untimely demise of Maya Sarcon and a dangerously psychotic mental state of Siddhartha Sarcon (who later proclaimed himself as the Dreadlord Sarcopharon with his new found genetic powers). Sarcon knows the cause of the E.L.E. and possibly knows how to stop it but he is determined that the world does not deserve to be saved. Let's say with the current delusional state of Sarcon, we won't be getting that information out of him anytime soon.

2031 A.D.
Things didn't go quite as planned and the severity of this extinction level event got worse and there was widespread fear of the unknown. Looting, killings and the widespread corruption of the early 21st century worsened it. The disparity between the truth, the governments and the people grew larger, eventually leading to the Dark Revolution of the 2020 A.D. which was largely fueled by social networks such as Anarchy 69, the original owners of the Nu Karne (old New York) club, Deathstalker's Den.

After everything fell apart, the Curators managed to restore some order to the world by forming an alliance with the activists, the alliance of the factions. The Curators recovered the Bands of Cypher from the hidden lab of Sarcon and created a prototype from the blue prints that Maya left behind before she passed away. The prototype wasn't perfect and only worked 5%-20% of the time depending on the expertise of the user. There are a few missing pieces of the puzzle that she possibly left in the other world.

The Curators contacted me to start an operation. 'Operation Yumi'. Our goal is to save Yumies by giving them refuge in our world and find the sub-species that had made first contact with Maya originally. These sub-species were keepers of information and had significant information regarding the event. After the portal closed, they are now lost somewhere in the nether. The missing pieces of information they hold is critical for survival of our dimension and hopefully the Yumies', if it's not too late from collapsing.

(distorted noise on the Nether Band channel)..Hello? Can you hear me? I don't have much time. This is Slayer Guardian, Destiny contacting the realm of Earth from the Nether. I have..the stone of Icarus! I repeat... I have the stone of Icarus! Can anyone out there hear me?..Time Keeper come in..
Destiny's logs Universal Date Eon 269326

Present Day 2036 A.D. (see video)
They have witnessed the creation of time, they have been with us for thousands of years, watched as civilizations rose and disintegrated. We have imagined them, felt their presence, expected them to be around when we needed them. Some call them elemental creatures, or celestial beings, ancient aliens or guardian angels. To some, they may just be yet another scientific discovery.

Both Yumies

But who they really are...is not the important question anymore; it's what they want to tell us, it's what they have been telling us.

Are we the guests in this universe? What if we have overstayed our welcome...and it's time to leave? Our actions have ripped the fabric of creation, and it's not just affecting our world, but every entangled universe in this web of existence. Can we overcome what is done? Or leave the healing of our universe into the hands of who can?


It's time for humanity to knock on the doors of the high-heavens...and get some answers.

We need volunteers on Earth, civilians and factions alike who are willing to create Nether Crystals and rescue Yumies to give them shelter and help us locate the missing Yumi tribes. Will you join the cause? Obtain a Band of Cypher Game Pack in the store. and start tracking your progress here!

Follow the operation

- Priyana Destiny
Leader, Operation Yumi
Slayer Faction, Ex Joint Air Force Pilot


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