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Owner Store Description SLURL
Brok00 Resident Yumi Dream Low prices and a fun Yumi atmosphere! Willing to help, tips appreciated. Teleport
Littleprincesl Resident DJ Sarah Chan Pet Store Come get the newest Yumi pets on SL ! They dont needs food, You can wear on your shoulder or rez them! You will fall in love with them. They make great gifts. Come take a look! Teleport
JennyMela Copperfield J.C. Yumi-Oase Contact JennyMela Copperfield. Yumi Oase Come and see my new store and take your time to watch the cute Yumis. Teleport
Mizkoukla Resident Siobhan's Yumi Wonderland and Lounge Low prices for Yumis of all kinds. Feel free to drop a notecard for any kinds you may want that you cant find. More yumis added every day. Teleport
Royan Kanto Yumi Paradise Come to visit our store, we got beautiful Yumis for low prices.Most of them are full Nether. Teleport
Nikita Visage Italian YUMILand Yumi shoulder pet/rezzable pet shop. You can find yumis in crystals from The Guardian Portal and from the ELE Portal for sale with 100% nether ready for transcode or ready to be born and be worn! Teleport
DasBoot Hoffnung Mo-Yumi yumi shop with transcode ready yumis, seasonals, token rewards and more! Teleport
Montelli Vantelli Yumi Market Commons We do offer tips and tricks! Yumi Artifacts, Splendor, Abundant, Mystical, Abyss, Elder, and others soon to be discovered. Teleport
Lilliana Corleone Aurora Town Market Yumi and crystal sales. Rental spaces available. Public Band of Cypher Puzzle Boards to try. Game tutorials. Teleport
magic24 Aeon Yumi Merchant Yumis and everything related! Teleport
CeeCeeJones Resident YUMI Verse Any questions IM or send notecard to CeeCeeJones. Live sales. Portal, DNA scanner and Crystal Crafting Artifact table help also available upon request (optional donations welcom). Teleport

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