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Bands of Cypher
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  1. How To Get Started
  2. How to Solve the Bands of Cypher I Puzzle (Hints)
  3. How to Solve the Bands of Cypher II Puzzle (Hints)
  4. How to Solve the Crystal Crafting Artifact (CCA)
  5. Affinity, Nethering and Attunement
  6. Interaction with a Yumi
  7. Transcoding
  8. Yumi Tribes
  9. Keepers
  10. Achievements
  11. Leaderboards
  12. Tokens
  13. Yumi Merchants
  14. FAQ
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Rules

Legend of the Keepers
You may know them as "Find-A-Yumi". These are Yumies from very specific tribes that keep and protect thel ocation of the Ancient tribes. To find and contact them, we need help from one of these and only these tribes. The higher the Keeper level, the better your chance of contacting more hidden species. While you may not have discovered all the Keepers, you may havediscovered some of them already. They will show up as green background on your Keeper discovery chart. Take good care of them. Any Keepers you do discover will be greatly valued.

How Keepers Affect the Game
Keepers are mandatory in unlocking of the ELE Portal (Bands of Cypher II Portal). Keepers are a select few Yumi tribes that are attuned to the location of lost Yumi tribes of higher levels of hierarchies than Artifacted, namely Splendor, Abyss, Cosmic, Intrepid and Ancients. The higher the Keeper level, the higher the tribe hierarchies they can locate. You can see the Keepers you have discovered in your Keeper discovery chart. Keepers play a pivotal role in contacting tribes during transcoding by increasing the chance of genetic propagation. This increases the chance to contact the next higher level of tribe hierarchy.

How to Obtain a Keeper
A Keeper can be found by transcoding Yumies with equivalent genetic traits. See your Discovery Achievements page for nearby traits. Keepers range from Level 1 to Level 6 with increasing order of difficulty. You can also trade a Keeper with another player. You can obtain Keepers from token rewards earned by completing a set of achievements.


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