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Bands of Cypher
Tutorial / User Guide
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Yumi User Guide
User Guide Categories

  1. How To Get Started
  2. How to Solve the Bands of Cypher I Puzzle (Hints)
  3. How to Solve the Bands of Cypher II Puzzle (Hints)
  4. How to Solve the Crystal Crafting Artifact (CCA)
  5. Affinity, Nethering and Attunement
  6. Interaction with a Yumi
  7. Transcoding
  8. Yumi Tribes
  9. Keepers
  10. Achievements
  11. Leaderboards
  12. Tokens
  13. Yumi Merchants
  14. FAQ
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Rules

Yumi Merchants
Player run auctions and shops diversify the community. We want you to run your auctions and be successful because it is fun to do so. Let us promote and advertise for you. Register your services or shops with our Merchants and we will promote an ongoing Merchant database. Of course you can promote your own as well, but a little push from us can't hurt. The registrations with Merchants is something we do manually to verify the validity and sanctity of each shop, so please be patient with it and submit early.

How Can I Get Listed?
Visit Merchant List Application to get started. Fill out as much information as possible.


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