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Bands of Cypher
Tutorial / User Guide
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Yumi User Guide
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  1. How To Get Started
  2. How to Solve the Bands of Cypher I Puzzle (Hints)
  3. How to Solve the Bands of Cypher II Puzzle (Hints)
  4. How to Solve the Crystal Crafting Artifact (CCA)
  5. Affinity, Nethering and Attunement
  6. Interaction with a Yumi
  7. Transcoding
  8. Yumi Tribes
  9. Keepers
  10. Achievements
  11. Leaderboards
  12. Tokens
  13. Yumi Merchants
  14. FAQ
  15. Troubleshooting
  16. Rules

How To Get Started
Pick up your Starter Pack from the Bands of Cypher Store or at the Online Marketplace of Second Life.

Bands of Cypher Game Pack
You will find the following items in your Starter Pack:

  • Bands of Cypher I Portal
  • Crystal Crafting Artifact
  • Quick Start Guide Notecard

Quick Start Guide
Watch the tutorial videos and follow this Quick Start Guide to start solving puzzles and finding Yumies!

Get Started with Puzzle Tutorials

Puzzle #1 Portal I

Puzzle #2 Portal II

Puzzle #3 Crystal Crafting Artifact


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